The Link Between Your Gut & Immune System

The Link Between Your Gut & Immune System

Want to have a stronger body and boost your immune system? Start with your Gut! Let's dive into how to listen to and love your gut...
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did you know that 70% of your immune system is located in your gut?

Your gut is truly at the center of it all! It’s referred to as our second brain for a reason. A healthy gut microbiome will improve your mood, boost your immunity, keep your skin healthy, prevent illness, aid your digestion & the nutrient absorption in the body… Our gut microbiome is made up of a complex team of trillions of microorganisms. As your main defense, your microbiome acts as a shield to recognize the ‘good guys’ versus the ‘bad guys’ and it aims to keeps your body in a state of balance so that it can thrive!

It’s important to trust your gut! Not just for making those important decisions in life, but to keep your body strong, healthy & prepared for anything!

let’s dive into how to listen to & love your gut…

it's all about the good bacteria...

Healthy gut bacteria is essential for optimal immunity. A healthy, strong & balanced immune system will be prepared to pounce as soon as it senses a threat in the body. An immune system in equilibrium allows the good microorganisms in your gut to quickly work together to kick out the ‘bad guy’ microorganisms before they cause havoc on your health.

When the immune system begins losing its battle to invading microorganisms, the gut microbiome sways out of balance. But on the other hand, the same imbalance can happen when your body’s immune system becomes too vigilant. The inflammatory immune response can get so out of control that it starts to attack the good cells in your body. This can then trigger the beginnings of an autoimmune disorder.

balance is key & not all guts are created equal!

This is what I like to call bio-individuality. Regardless of your unique makeup, we know that a certain combinations of microbes, and having a diverse mix of them, is the key to having a healthy gut!

what are the culprits throwing your gut off-balance?

~ Not eating a diverse range of whole foods
~ Lack of probiotics & prebiotics in your body
~ Consuming inflammatory foods such as too much sugar or processed foods
~ Indulging in too much alcohol & caffeine
~ Frequent stress & anxiety
~ Lack of sleep & exercise
~ Taking medication that affects the gut microbiome, such as antibiotics

how to be good to your gut

Eat the Rainbow:

Feed your gut whole foods, fruits, veggies & all the good stuff! It’s also just as important to switch up what you regularly eat! Introducing new foods and changing up your diet can alter your gut flora profile after only a few days. A menu full of whole & nutritious foods provides your gut with a variety of nutrients that help promote the growth of different types of bacteria, resulting in a more diverse gut flora! Do you usually start your day with avocado toast? Switch it up and a have a plant-protein based green smoothie instead! Foods high in polyphenols are especially loved by your gut bacteria, some of our faves are blueberries, dark chocolate & green tea, try adding these foods to your lifestyle for a healthy gut!

Hit that Snooze Button:

Getting good quality, undisrupted sleep is so crucial for allowing your gut to heal & strengthen itself. Try cutting out caffeine in the afternoon, if you truly need a boost opt for a matcha at lunch time. Matcha actually contains calming & relaxing properties good for the gut & the mind! As bed time approaches, be strict with your routine! Following the same routine every night will condition your body to fall asleep faster & deeper. Create a routine you love, pick up a book, make a mug of calming tea, diffuse relaxing essential oils or meditate. Be sure to sleep in complete darkness, put your phone on the other side of the room, wake up at the same time every day!

Get Dirty:

Yes, you read that right, get dirty! Studies have found that exposure to natural & rural environments leads to anti-inflammatory & immune-supporting benefits. Overly-sanitized environments actually decrease the diversity of gut microbes in your body. Now more than ever it is so important to wash your hands, we’re just saying that a little bit of dirt every so often, does no harm! It’s even been shown that people who live in rural areas are less prone to allergies because they’ve developed stronger immune tolerance. Same for kids who grow up with pets & frequently play in the dirt, they actually have stronger immune systems!

Reduce the Unnecessary:

While antibiotics can be necessary at times, they are truly the gut’s worst enemy as they kill off all bacteria, even the good ones! Only take antibiotics when absolutely necessary and limit your intake of antibiotics in your food! Most dairy & meat products are pumped up with antibiotics, so opt for organic! Is your teen suffering from acne? One of the triggers can be an overdose of antibiotics in the milk they drink or chicken they eat that disrupt their gut, resulting in pesky skin issues! Even certain over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen & aspirin can affect your gut health, only reach for them when absolutely necessary!

Give it a Reboot:

Our gut puts up with a lot, sometimes it just needs a boost to help recalibrate itself. Reboot it with the Sea & Soil Super Greens Capsules. This powerful blend of seaweed & nutritious synergistic herbals will help promote healthy digestive system functions, enhance healthy digestive system flora and good bacteria growth.

Pump up the Good 'Biotics:

Probiotics & prebiotics are oh so crucial for a happy gut! Both of them work to heal the gut by restoring friendly flora and by providing a ton of other benefits. Start by building a good foundation with the Super Elixir, a daily greens powder that supports gut health and strong immunity. You can also give your gut some extra love by adding a daily probiotic to your routine, like the Belly Behave. The Belly Behave contains digestive enzymes to help your body better digest & absorb all the nutrients from the food you’re consuming, with less of that post meal bloat & sluggish feeling!

Follow your Gut Instinct:

Feeling run down? Getting lots of ‘butterflies’ in your stomach? Dealing with bloating & digestive issues? This is your gut telling you it needs a reset! When your gut is telling you that something isn’t working right, this can display itself as an emotion, such as anxiousness, or a physical symptom, such as bloating. Listen to what your gut has to say! It will help you make better choices that will improve your health, wellness, and overall immunity.

Live Your Life. Adopt the Global Glow Lifestyle.

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