hi, my name is Julie Katerine – i am the founder of Global Glow, a wellness entrepreneur, a health coach, and a mother of three.

My fascination with health and wellness has always been an eternal source of energy and motivation. My journey has helped me gain immense knowledge with respect to autoimmune diseases, as well as how to naturally relieve my body from pain. Yet, keeping all this to myself didn’t feel right so I was compelled to share my story with you.

For the most part, I lived a life of relatively impeccable health, experiencing no real ailments until age 31, when I was diagnosed with early onset rheumatoid arthritis.

The concern of having to spend the rest of my life being heavily medicated, along with the long list of side effects that came with it, left me overwhelmed with fear and worry. However, it also sparked the beginning of a new reality for me, and so my wellness journey began right then and there.

overcoming an autoimmune disease

I began to research alternative ways to combat extreme fatigue, alleviate inflammation and manage the pain in all my joints. I learned that by altering my mindset and lifestyle, in terms of diet, exercise, stress, and toxic surroundings, I was able to directly mediate the impact of this autoimmune disease. I can proudly say that I have been med-free since 2011 and have never felt better.

Today at the age of 50, my health and wellness strides have enabled me to achieve mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. I have kept inflammation at bay and have been able to strengthen my immune system, boost my energy levels, achieve better circulation and digestion, along with a brighter complexion.

I am living proof that we all have the will within us.

and so, in 2018, Global Glow was born...

Global Glow is the by-product of my passion for healthy living through ultimate wellness. Global Glow is here to provide health guidance through the Forever Well Program, one-on-one consultations, complimentary concierge service, curated shop, blogs, and recipes, equipping women with the tailored toolkit needed to achieve optimal wellbeing.

Global Glow is Canada's go-to shop for premium grade health, wellness and beauty products.


my accreditations

This was my impetus for becoming a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with a specialization in Gut Health from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), persuing an Executive Education at Harvard Medical School, whilst also becoming an HCA Licensed Health Coach™. These certifications enable me to professionally support and guide my clients with their own health goals and struggles, helping them implement a more balanced and integrated lifestyle.

My approach is geared towards determining the ROOT cause of a problem and finding its bespoke solution.