Why Adopt the global glow lifestyle?


Meet Julie Katerine, our Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Founder of Global Glow, Lifestyle Curator, Rheumatoid Arthritis overcomer & a lucky mom of three!

Global Glow is a Health & Lifestyle platform with a curated shop, that delivers a bespoke health & wellness experience for you, by implementing positive lifestyle and behavioural changes. Let us guide you in developing a deeper understanding of how all the pillars of your life affect your overall well-being. 

” My purpose is to help support, motivate, educate & inspire you to achieve your goals and become the best version of yourself.”

Julie Katerine


    • Lose weight
    • Have a brighter complexion
    • Gain energy
    • Optimize your digestion
    • Strengthen your immune system
    • Improve your gut health
    • Reduce inflammation
    • Stabilise your blood sugar levels
    • Better your dietary habits
    • Gain overall strength and joie de vivre

Live Your Life. Adopt the Global Glow Lifestyle.


Julie is really inspiring and always provides great advice and suggestions to feel good body and soul. She is dedicated, concerned for others and motivates me to adopt a new healthy lifestyle. I use on a daily basis Super Elixir and Tru Marine Collagen and it helps me with my skin and my health in general. I feel more energetic since I began using these products. Thanks Julie!

Josée Deland / Lawyer

Julie has so much knowledge. I really enjoy learning from her as she makes it easy to get healthy and stay healthy.

Her daily mindset is all about listening to your body and taking sustainable steps in the right direction. It’s time to prevent rather than treat… Thanks Julie!

Debra Margles / President of Michael Kors Canada

I started using the Super Elixir and am so happy with how energised it makes me feel. Julie is incredibly knowledgeable and I am fully confident with her recommendations of the products that she offers. Most of the other supplements from Global Glow are now part of my daily routine, as well as the Etymologie skin care line, which is amazing.

Pam / Marketing Consultant
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GG in action

Super Boost your Body! 

Find out about Julie’s first hand experience trying out our brand new Super Boosters! Live from the Arizona desert, hear her personal account as she puts one Super Booster to the ultimate test! Personalize & Super Boost your daily wellness routine with targeted support! With five different Boosters to chose from, try them out for yourself today!


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We asked Raquela Cheesmond, the founder of this unique & effective brand, all your questions about the benefits of the different products, how to best use them to fully reap the benefits in order to achieve that radiant youthful GLOW and the secrets behind it’s effectiveness – WATCH AND GET ALL THE ANSWERS!


WeWork Wellness Night

Julie, our founder, was invited to speak to a group of their employees for a Wellness Night filled with topics such as inflammation, gut health, cocktails with benefits, and everything about adopting the #GlobalGlowLifestyle.


Art of Noir

Discover the world of skin seduction, and the art of noir collection!


The Global Glow Lifestyle

Live your life. Discover the Global Glow Lifestyle!


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