The Alkaline Diet - A Way of Life

The Alkaline Diet - A Way of Life

If you are an adamant follower of all things health and wellness, you have likely heard of the alkaline diet before. But for those of you who are thinking, oh, here we go again, another fad diet, let me stop you right there. The alkaline diet's increase in popularity isn't due to a marketing scheme or an Instagram trend.
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"Inflammation is the root cause of 90% of all the common aches, pains and illnesses."

- JK

Anything from rheumatoid arthritis and all autoimmune diseases, to leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, energy loss, IBS, dull complexion, acne, eczema, various skin conditions, weight gain and the list goes on and on are all triggered by inflammation.

So, what makes our bodies become acidic?

Our lifestyle is the culprit. Stress, pollution, and the food we eat all turn our bodies unnaturally acidic. This in turn creates inflammation in our gut and thereby, prevents us from properly absorbing the nutrients we eat. Keeping all of this in mind and looking back at my personal health and wellness journey, I have come to realize that what we eat, drink and think impacts every cell in our body.

Now, pH balance in the body is crucial to the enzyme functions that control our metabolisms and hormones, and ultimately, our ability to thrive. A more alkaline blood pH contributes to healthy enzyme reactions and organ functions. When the body is too acidic, many people report digestive issues, joint pain, skin blemishes, brittle hair, dull complexion, brain fog, allergies, asthma, weight gain and much more.

Balancing your body’s pH by eating more alkaline forming foods restores your health.

I can’t stress enough the importance of a balanced pH since it protects us from the inside out. Remember… being healthy & glowy is an inside job!

7 is a neutral pH. Anything above that, even just slightly more alkaline, is a pH that is considered healthier.

Optimally, you want to reach a pH of around 7.365 or higher. Here are a few of my diet recommendations to achieve a pH over 7:

Here is the basic rule of thumb: imbalances, aches and pains occur when your body is too acidic. Chances are, your metabolism will thrive in a more alkaline environment leaving you with more energy, stronger immunity, brighter skin, a happier gut and simply better health. Basically, eat more greens and plants and cut down on animal products, processed foods and refined sugar. Keep your acidic habits in check & feel the alkaline difference!

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