Discover my little black book of summer secrets, with beauty hacks, wellness tips & health must haves to get you through the summer season (or any season) in style!

“This might not have been the summer you had planned for, but it’s the summer we all needed! Keep it simple, ground yourself in nature, appreciate our beautiful earth and all it has to offer, and take care of YOU! ” – JK

Here are my Top 10 Summer Routine Must Haves:

1. Sculpt, Contour & Detox

A staple in my summer routine, is giving my body a lymphatic drainage massage. It feels absolutely amazing & you truly see results! Let me walk you through how to dry brush in order to detox, contour & sculpt your body to achieve that summer bikini body year round, learn here! Once my skin is exfoliated & prepped, I apply an organic self tanning lotion. Instead of ageing your skin in the sun, dive deep in self tanning lotions to get that instant glow. I love using one from the Josie Maran collection, it comes with a mitt and is honestly just so easy to use. I also do a facial massage every morning as well, to de-puff & lift for the day, this is my favourite tool!

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2. Eat the Rainbow

Summer is the perfect season to adopt eating a variety of vibrant whole-foods. Enjoy the abundance of fresh local fruits and vegetables that summer has to offer and colour your plate with a diverse selection of produce. Food is medicine, so treat each meal as an opportunity to fill your body with crucial vitamins, minerals & antioxidants!  One of my fave colourful & satisfying recipes to enjoy on a fresh summer day is my Go-To Rainbow Salad, my kids love the Quinoa Goddess Salad!

3. Level Up Your Hydration

Stay hydrated, detoxify & maintain optimum skin moisture by upping your water game! Water is the most common nutritional deficiency and so easy to fix! Everyday, aim to drink over 2 liters. Give your water a boost by adding lemon! What does it do?⠀

  • Boost your immune system with that dose of Vitamin C & Potassium
  •  Keep your body in an Alkaline state
  • Flush out & eliminate toxins throughout the day
  • Clear up your skin⠀
  • Gain anti-inflammatory benefits by adding in a few drops of the Curtonic

4. Get that Glow

Ditch the heavy foundation and wear a tinted moisturizer with SPF, key word being SPF! My all time favourite is the Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint. The bronzing powder from the same collection is also my summer go-to. I recently discovered these Coola Sun Silk Drops, they’re amazing because you can add them to your moisturizer or apply them directly to the skin. I love using them in the morning before I workout because they are so light and don’t clog up my skin! For the body, the SuperGoop Glow Oil is a poolside must have, it’s ultra-hydrating without being too greasy. The finishing touch for my summer glow is the Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil. My favourite summer scents are also from Tom Ford. I like switching between the Soleil Blanc and Orchid Soleil.

5. Love Your Liver

Between quarantine & the summer season, most of us have been drinking a bit more than usual…pushing our inflammation levels to an all time high. NOW is the best time to have a good seasonal cleanse and get your health back to an  optimal place so you can look and feel your best. I’ve been loving the Detoxifying Liver Tonic Super Booster for those days that my liver just needs some extra care & attention.

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6. Eat Local

Does eating organic & local actually impact my health? The answer is YES! Internationally (and even nationally) imported foods are often picked weeks before they are close to being ripe enough to eat. The time the fruit or veggie is picked, to when it lands on your plate can be days, even weeks! Throughout this gap-time, your food loses essential nutrients. On top of that, the modern intensive agricultural methods used by massive farming are depleting the soil from all of its nutrients, leaving our fruits & veggies less nutritious. Organic farming has more trace minerals in their soil resulting in crops that are much richer in vitamins & minerals. So hit up your local markets folks!

7. Ditch the Coffee

Opt for an iced matcha instead! When stress is high coffee will increase adrenaline in the body vs. matcha which has a calming effect on nerves. Matcha boosts energy & immunity, but also relaxes tension and creates calmness in the body! Matcha will give you a sustained energy boost without a crash, and it’s also the best afternoon pick me up. An iced matcha hits just right on those steamy summer afternoons!

8. Snack Smart & Drink Responsibly

One of my top entertaining tips is to learn how to create a beautiful butcher block, this is such an impressive summer skill that will wow your family & friends! I promise it is so much easier than it looks, start here: Butcher Block Crudités. Then amp up your board game with some dips & homemade snacks, try these: Grilled Cauliflower Wings with Honey & Tumeric, Lemony Herb Yogurt Dip, Tumeric Citrus Hummus. Pair your summer snacks with the perfect health-ified happy hour martini: Liver Loving Green Martini! Made with fresh green juice, zesty lime and Tequila, this drink is gentler on your liver yet refreshingly tasty.

9. Move it Outside

 Take advantage of this beautiful weather and connect with mother nature. Exercise outside during the coolest hours of the day, early in the morning or the evening. My tip is to drink coconut water after hard workouts to immediately rehydrate! Walk barefoot in the grass, go for a hike or swim, take deep breaths of fresh air. I promise you will only feel incredibly grounded & grateful afterwards, plus your immune system will be boosted! Discover your local area or our incredible national parks, if you can, we have so much to be grateful for right here at home!

The Super Elixir Alkalizing Formula

10. Daily Green Routine

Last, but certainly not least, the Super Elixir is a summer must have. Filled with barley grass, wheat grass, alfalfa, spinach and spirulina, the Super Elixir will give your body that extra boost it needs to achieve that summer glow, without the sun damage! It helps your skin lock in moisture, can help prevent stubborn seasonal allergies & is such a simple way to feel good everyday! Stir in just 2 teaspoons to your morning glass of water or breakfast smoothie & thrive from the inside out. Get some summer smoothie inspo here!

Live your life. Adopt the Global Glow Lifestyle.

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