Magic Matcha

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Much Love for Matcha with Benefits. This green beauty is the boost your body needs to thrive, with all the power of the highest quality matcha along with the magical effects of tremella & lucuma!

Benefits: This earthy, silky green powder is traditionally known for its catechin rich anti-oxidant content and its strengthening & environmental stressor protective properties. Having been magically upgraded to include the perfect touch of tremella mushroom & lucuma fruit, this anti-oxidant filled elixir fuels cells, flushes out toxins, supports healthy brain & heart function, all while promoting a glowing, radiant self.

How To: Heat plant milk, whisk in two tablespoons per one cup of liquid. Remove from heat & add raw honey or maple syrup to taste. Sip & be cozy.

Ingredients: ceremonial grade matcha, tremella mushroom extract, lucuma & love! *all organic
nt. wt. 126g [4.4oz]

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