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I started using the Super Elixir and am so happy with how energised it makes me feel. Julie is incredibly knowledgeable and I am fully confident with her recommendations of the products that she offers. Most of the other supplements from Global Glow are now part of my daily routine, as well as the Etymologie skin care line, which is amazing. 

Pam / Marketing Consultant

Julie is a wonderful coach! She gave me an easy-to-follow health plan of eating and exercise that I’ve incorporated in my daily life. I love taking the Super Elixir every morning with Collagen as a nice energy boost. Many have noticed the positive impact the collagen has had on my hair and skin! 

Patricia / Professor at McGill University

I absolutely adore Julie! She has introduced me to life-changing products and she has been so supportive, always ready to answer my questions! I take the Super Elixir religiously every morning and the Calming Tea is part of my husband’s nightly routine. 

Emily Ritchie / CEO Mom of 4