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Julie is the best! The moment I reached out to her, she was able to recommend products that suited my needs. I’ve been taking the Rejuv Anti-Aging Complex & Rejuv Hormonal Balance supplements and after just 2 weeks, my menopause symptoms lessened by 75%. I‘d recommend her to anyone that is in pre/post menopause and looking to feel their absolute best from the inside out!


Zuzana Kupcikova / Personal Trainer / Toronto

I was gifted the Lemon + Ginger Super Elixir, along with the Aquatic Collagen Skin, Hair & Nails Super Booster, Marine Collagen, Sleep Welle Calming Tea, and Organic Matcha. This curated shop is filled with quality products and only the best! By adopting this healthy lifestyle with these products, I’ve never felt better. It’s all about starting from the inside to get that glow from within!

Dr. Julia Ivanovna / Cosmetic Dentistry / Moscow

I lead a very healthy lifestyle, my eating habits are clean and disciplined and I work out frequently. I was curious to try the Super Elixir but I was doubtful that I would see results after using it. Wrong! A couple of weeks in I noticed a huge improvement in my energy level – I’m already hooked! I love how it makes me feel energy wise but also how it reduces bloat and inflammation by helping digestion. Julie is extremely knowledgeable and will help you find the right fix for you!

Stephanie Watson Lighter / Moishes Coordinator / Montreal