In this series, Julie interviews leading health specialists, wellness warriors & icons, and world-renowned experts on topics ranging from inflammation, gut health, nutrition, beauty, skincare and hormonal imbalances to how to transform your health & wellness journey!

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Global Glow Talks: with Dr. Simone Laubscher, PhD! 

As part of the Global Glow Talks Series, I had the opportunity to have a wonderful & lively conversation with the amazing, Dr. Simone Laubscher, PhD!  Learn how to best take care of your body in order to balance your hormones, avoid hormonal decline & premature ageing. Dr. Simone Laubscher, PhD, breaks down what you need to do to build a strong foundation and get your body feeling optimal! It’s all about finding a balance and getting back to basics...Watch it now & be sure to take notes! 


Global Glow Talks: Dr. Will Cole

As part of the Global Glow Talk Series, I had the opportunity to have an educational & fascinating conversation with the leading functional-medicine expert & inflammation specialist, Dr. Will Cole! Discover how inflammation directly affects YOUR body! Have you heard of the Core 4 or Eliminate 8? Tune in to find out how to begin your journey to getting to the bottom of what your body loves & hates! Learn about the connection between inflammation and all of the 8 systems in your body, from brain health to your digestive & immune systems and everything in between.


Global Glow Talks: Elle Macpherson

As part of our Global Glow Talks Series, I had the incredible opportunity to sit down & interview the globally recognized icon & ultimate boss babe, Elle Macpherson! Discover the illuminating conversation I had with Elle Macpherson, a supermodel & supermom who built an entire business empire. She is not only an entrepreneur and famous personality…She is also the co-founder of Welleco! Learn about Elle’s personal health journey, her approach to wellness and how she transformed her life!


Global Glow Talks: Dr. Nigma Talib

As part of our Global Glow Talk Series, I had the chance to have such an informative & enlightening conversation with world renowned naturopathic and celebrity esthetician Dr. Nigma Talib. Don’t miss out on her unique & essential beauty tips & tricks to maintain youthful skin and achieve that glow from within. Discover her beauty philosophy and learn about the importance of having a healthy gut & embracing your natural self!


Global Glow IN Action

How to Detoxify & Sculpt To Be Bikini Body Ready 

Learn how to dry brush in order to detox, contour & sculpt your body to achieve that summer bikini body year round! Tune in to find out all you need to know about dry brushing & lymphatic drainage...


Live Workout with Move Barre

Workout from home with this ultimate booty sculpting, core strengthening, full body toning workout lead by @movebarre!


My Morning Routine

Good morning! Join me for my daily morning routine that preps my body & mind for a long day ahead. Discover my top tips for a healthy morning!


Super Boost Your Body

Learn about this new line of products, EXCLUSIVE to our shop!


All About Étymologie!

Find out why we absolutely love this all natural, Canadian skincare brand!


WeWork Wellness Night

Bringing Health andWellness to the Workspace.


The Global Glow Lifestyle

Live your life. Discover the Global Glow Lifestyle!


What is Global Glow?

Meet Julie, your Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.


Art of Noir

Discover the world of skin seduction, and the art of noir collection!



WelleCo-SUPER-ELIXIR-Logo-Global Glow

Interview with Julie Katerine

“The Best Wellness Advice I Ever Received.”



Clin d'Oeil | December 2018 | Global Glow
Clin d'Oeil | Global Glow

Repuler l’épiderme, améliorer la texture de la peau et réduire l’apparence des pores. Découvrez le rouleau rehausseur d’éclat Roll With It.

Oscar Nominee Bag 2019 | Global Glow
Oscars | Global Glow

The Art of Noir Bain Noir was feautured in the EVERYONE WINS nominee gift bag for the 2019 Oscars!


29 amazing skincare gifts they’ll use every day – a waterless, reusable face mask.

Net-a-Porter | Essence Noir Tonic | Global Glow
Net-a-Porter | Global Glow

Beauty editors’ essentials: the post-vacation switch-ups to make now! Discover the Essence Noir Tonic.

READ logo | global glow

You need to add a dry face mask to your makeup routine – here’s why…

Get the Gloss | Global Glow
Get the Gloss Logo | Global Glow

These are the most-wanted beauty tools on Net-A-Porter.



WelleCo Forbes | Global Glow
Forbes logo | Global Glow

The Best Beauty Treatments For Travelers… Traveling does amazing things for your mind, but the same can’t always be said for your body.

Byrdie logo | Global Glow | WelleCo
Byrdie logo | Global Glow | WelleCo

How to Detox Like Elle “The Body” Macpherson. Discover the Super Elixir and the Nourishing Protein.

Elle-and-Gwyneth | Super Elixir | Global Glow
WelleCo-SUPER-ELIXIR-Logo-Global Glow

Elle, Rosie & Kate take their daily Super Elixir. Do you?

refinery 29 | Michelle Obama | TruMarine Collagen WithinUs | Global Glow

The Skin-Care Products Michelle Obama’s Facialist Swears by…

Elle Canada | TruMarine Collagen | WithinUs Natural | Global Glow
Elle Canada Logo | Global Glow

Elle Canada LOVES the TruMarine Collagenfor its ability to boost collagen production, while treating joint pain.

Daily Mail UK | Global Glow | WelleCo
Daily Mail UK logo | Global Glow

Elle, Rosie & Kate take their daily Super Elixir. Do you?

Elle Macpherson | WelleCo | Global Glow
VOGUE | Global Glow

THE SUPER ELIXIR: The super supplement from Elle Macpherson.