Healthify your Happy Hour with this Liver Loving Green Martini! Made with fresh green juice, zesty lime and Tequila, this drink is gentler on your liver yet refreshingly tasty. Packed with Vitamins K, C, A & potassium, this balanced and bright cocktail is the perfect boozy & summery recipe to sip on!

Liver Loving Green Martini

    1. Green Juice: a couple stalks of celery, a few Lebanese cucumbers & a handful cilantro 
    2. 1 oz of lime juice
    3. 1.5 oz of high quality, clear tequila 
    4. .5 oz of agave syrup (or maple syrup) 
    5.  Handful of ice cubes 
    6.  Chili & tagine spices
    7. Jalapeño or green chili pepper slices to taste


    1. Juice the celery, cucumber & cilantro – I love my Breville juicer!
    2. Add green juice, lime, tequila, agave syrup & ice to shaker
    3. Shake until cold
    4.  Mix chili & tagine spices on a plate, rim the martini glass with a lime wedge and then dip the glass in the spice blend
    5. Pour drink in martini glass and add jalapeño or green chili pepper slices to taste

DRINK RESPONSIBLY & SNACK SMART: Pair your martini with the perfect happy hour bites! Try these: Butcher Block Crudités, Lemony Herb Yogurt Dip, Tumeric Citrus Hummus

Health Benefits of this Cocktail:
  • Tequila: Did you know that Tequila is one of the healthiest alcohols you can drink? Consumed in moderation Tequila can:
    • Promote Weight Loss: stimulate the metabolism & help dissolve fat
    • Help Digestion: it has prebiotic & probiotic benefits
    • Control Blood Sugar: it doesn’t spike your blood sugar levels like most spirits
    • Support Healthy Bones: it can aid in the body’s absorption of calcium
  • Chili Powder: An ingredient with a kick, this spice has many health benefits! Such as:
    • Fight Inflammation & Pain: chili powder has anti-inflammatory benefits and is known to act as a natural pain relief remedy
    • Boost Metabolism: the hot flavour in spices can actually speed up the metabolism and aid in burning calories
    • Packed with Vitamins: chili peppers are high in Vitamin C, A, B6, K & Potassium

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