JK’s Gut Feeling – Its Purpose

Breaking down the microbiome is a daunting, yet extremely necessary task if you wish to truly understand what is going on in that body of yours.

The gut microbiome, is influenced by a myriad of factors in our body, such as genetic makeup, lifestyle, the health of our villi, diets, stress levels, intestinal flora to name a few. Understanding your microbiome boundaries and limitations are fundamental if you wish to get healthy and stay healthy; good health and a strong immune system start with a healthy digestive tract.

I like to refer to the gut as being the core, “the heart” of the body’s good functionality.

Now, where should we start…

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Meet JK

Hi beauty! I’m Julie Katerine, a health & wellness junkie, born and raised in Montreal. I’m a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & HCA Licensed Health Coach™, wellness entrepreneur, autoimmune disease overcomer and proud mom of three kids & two pups. Welcome to my world! 

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