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Being a mom of 3 and usually on the go, Costco really comes in handy for certain items I want to buy in bulk at good prices. Costco recently added a great selection of organic & healthy foods and they have become staples in my kitchen!

Here’s my healthy shopping list I found worthy of sharing.

“As an integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I truly believe that when grocery shopping, buying items in their most wholesome state is very important. I don’t believe in added processed sugars, preservatives, and modified ingredients”.

Here’s a list of my favourite natural & healthy foods that I recommend buying from Costco. Keeping it real and good for the whole family!


  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – This olive oil is great tasting and of good quality. It’s amazing for salad dressings!
  • Chosen Foods Avocado Oil – 100% pure, ideal for cooking as you can bring it to a high temperature of 260 degrees celcius
  • Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts – I love adding these to smoothies or salads for an extra protein and healthy fat boost.
  • Kirkland Organic Chia Seeds – These are another great smoothie addition! They are also good to bake with.
  • Kirkland Spices (we like ground turmeric, crushed red pepper, and Himalayan pink salts)
  • Mother Earth Organic Apple Cider Vinegar – This apple cider vinegar is raw, unpasteurized, and contains the mother. It has so many amazing health benefits. I love adding it into salad dressings.
  • Kirkland Organic Quinoa – I always keep quinoa in my pantry as I often cook this grain during the week. Its protein packed and full of healthy minerals and fiber!
  • Kirkland Almond Butter and Natural Peanut Butter – These nut butters are not organic, but taste great and contain only one ingredient – the nut itself. They are super natural and a good price. They are also great to bake with.
  • Naturoney Organic Honey – This organic honey is unpasteurized, which is super important when it comes to honey, since all its health benefits will then remain intact.


  • Organic veggies & fruit (spinach, kale, broccoli, berries, etc.) – I love picking up these staples when they are in stock.
  • Frozen organic fruit and veggies (berries, mango, avocado) – These are at amazing prices and are so worth it! The quality is great. They are smoothie ready!
  • Organic salmon – it’s difficult finding organic salmon in Montreal. I like getting the Costco one, cutting it in individual pieces and freezing it. That way I always have it at reach!
  • Organic poultry and red meat (the ground beef is a good one to keep in the freezer for easy last minute recipes) – Costco’s organic meat section is very good. The quality is there, and I like to stock up for family meals.


For the kids:

These snacks are super convenient for kids and have minimal ingredients that are mostly clean. They also have a good macronutrient balance to keep their blood sugar levels stable.

For grown-ups / entertaining:

  • Organic Castelvetrano Green Olives – these are simply delicious, and soaked in brine and not oil with minimal ingredients.
  • Mary’s Organic Crackers – these organic crackers are supper yummy with hummus or almond butter, and make the perfect snack!
  • Kirkland Raw Unsalted Nuts – I like to keep nuts at home like the almonds & pistachios as a quick snack, and these are kept raw and unsalted which is perfect! They only have one ingredient, which is the nut itself – like it should be!

Always remember that while grocery shopping, it’s important to check the list of ingredients to make sure nothing artificial is hiding in there! You would be surprised. At Costco, I have seen many products marketed as being “healthy”, to then read the ingredient list and see that many hidden and unhealthy ones were included in them. For example, canola oil (vegetable oil) seems to be the hidden ingredient of choice…Be aware!

I hope that our list was helpful, and please reach out for any questions regarding grocery shopping or ingredients. Quick, easy, accessible and more affordable is now possible!

The Holidays are upon us and Costco is a great place to start at. I would simply recommend going early in the morning or later during the day to avoid big crowds and long line ups at the cash…

Happy Shopping!

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