Prepare your flu-fighting arsenal with these sick season essentials

Tis’ the season for coughing and sneezing. As much as we do our best to avoid catching the winter bug that everyone seems to have, sometimes it does get the best of us. And when sickness strikes, it’s easy to get lost in all the convoluted advice out there. What should I take? What should I avoid? Should I really try that natural cure-all that my friend suggested? Or drink that strange elixir that my mother in law recommended?

Let me break down exactly what you need in your flu-fighting arsenal to kick that cold to the curb & into the snow!

Clearly it can be overwhelming to figure out how to heal your body best, so I created a tried and true list of tips and natural remedies to load up your immunity-boosting kit and keep you healthy during this seemingly never ending winter.


Anti-inflammatory Herbs

Tumeric & Ginger

 As anti-inflammatory & microbial powerhouses, ginger and tumeric have incredible healing properties. Both are touted for alleviating pain and sickness, and as digestive aids they work together to combat any nausea and support the immune system. No wonder they are the most widely revered herbs in Ayurvedic medicine! Throw a chunk of these ingredients into your smoothies, hot teas or soups and enjoy!

As soon as you feel that tingling sensation in the back of your throat, I recommend taking a few drops of the Curtonic Anti-Inflammatory Tumeric Tincture directly on the tongue to immediately reap the soothing benefits of tumeric!

tumeric & ginger

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Black Elderberry

Black Elderberries are another personal favorite herb to load up on to keep the immune system resilient. Because of its immune-modulating and antioxidant properties, Black Elderberry is able to work at a cellular level and provide deep support for overall immune health.

Found in powder, syrup or pill form, Elderberry is so delicious it’s easy to take down, no spoonful of sugar needed here! This is my personal favorite syrup, but just be sure to opt for an organic and sustainably sourced brand! As this herbal remedy has antiviral agents, Black Elderberry easily earns a spot on my flu-prevention kit. 

Vitamin C

We all know that Vitamin C helps prevent & fight off the common cold, but if you truly want the benefits of Vitamin C, you’ll need to consume it every day, not just at the start of cold symptoms! It’s best to obtain Vitamin C in its purest form, directly from food. Our Immunize Juice Recipe speaks for itself, load up on Vitamin C straight from pineapple, oranges, lemon, carrots & ginger, to get you back on the right track of health!

But in a pinch, a natural supplement will suffice! Have you tried our NEW Immune System Support Super Booster? We’re obsessed, watch Julie’s first hand account putting the booster to the test, here!

Have you heard of Ester-C?

Ester-C is non-acidic, making it gentle on the digestive system unlike regular Vitamin C. It is more easily absorbed and more bioavailable, basically an upgraded version of Vitamin C! Now that you’ve heard of it, it’s a must add to your cold busting tool kit!

vitamin c

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JK TIP: As soon as I start feeling run down, I have a glass of lemon water with a few drops of Oregano Oil. As an active antimicrobial, Oregano Oil is a potent antioxidant that defends against infectious bacteria and fights free radicals!

super elixir

Herbal Immunity Supporter

Nearly 80% of your immune system lies within your gut, therefore it is critical to supply it with everything it needs to stay strong! A daily dietary supplement can support a strong immune system while granting a variety of other added benefits. The Super Elixir , which comes in 2 flavours: Lemon & Ginger, Pineapple & Lime, is the perfect supplement to incorporate into your daily routine. This alkalizing formula made of 45 unique natural herbs builds immunity, aids digestion, reduces inflammation, rejuvenates the skin, boosts gut health and will give you the needed support to fight off pesky germs. Not to mention it has all the antioxidants, minerals, nutrients, & vitamins that your body needs to fully thrive!


As you know by now, the gut is a direct reflection of your immune system, skin health and energy levels. So whatever is going on in your gut will directly impact how you feel inside and out! Poor gut health makes you that much more susceptible to catching that pesky flu bug. Having healthy intestinal bacteria, will help produce virus-fighting antibodies and it also aids in vitamin absorption! Our go-to probiotic, Belly Behave, is exactly what you need to add to your daily routine to deliver good bacteria to keep your gut microbiome beautifully balanced.

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Eat Well & Enough

The more energy your body uses to digest food, the less it has to support your immune system and to fight off illness. Make it easier on your body by fuelling it with easily digestible, healthy foods. Even though your appetite might have decreased, now more than ever it’s crucial to eat well and to eat a similar quantity of food that you normally do. Food is medicine after all so during a period of sickness, the best thing you can do is treat your body with food. You can truly heal your body with every bite, so treat it right! Read more about what to actually eat and what to avoid in order to take care of your body, here! 

Sweat it Out

Moving your body is never a bad idea. One of the best and simplest ways to boost your immune system is to exercise. Medical studies have proven that regular, moderate exercise produces an increase in the number of immune cells in the body! This increased circulation keeps cold and flu bugs at bay. So, if your body feels up to it, a quick and easy low impact workout can help keep your system on track, as well as boosting your mental health.

Rest Up & Wind Down

Your body needs time and energy to fight of germs to properly recover. Aim for 8-10 hours a night, especially when your’e not feeling your best self. Lack of sleep drastically hinders your immune system so you should be bumping those hours UP as soon as you start feeling run dow. Remember a cold is your body’s way of telling you to slow down, give yourself a break and focus on your body’s needs. The more you push yourself the more your body will push back, prolonging any illness. So take a day off, no one likes being around the sick person anyways!

Food is medicine. Heal your body with every bite & focus on what your body needs!


Julie’s Cold Buster Tea

  • Chunk of freshly grated ginger
  • Chunk of freshly grated turmeric
  • 1 piece of diced raw garlic
  • Juice from half lemon
  • 1 tablespoon of raw Manuka honey
  • Boiling water


  • Combine diced garlic and grated ginger & turmeric in a small saucepan, add water and bring to a boil.
  • Stir in honey to desired sweetness and add lemon juice. Serve & Enjoy!
cold buster tonic

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Yes you read that right, garlic! Raw garlic has incredible flu-fighting properties that when used in conjunction with these other ingredients, creates a truly powerful tonic. Power through the taste & your body will thank you!

Next time sickness strikes, fight back with these immune boosting, cold busting tips!

Now when you feel a cold coming on you’ll be fully prepared, and that’s a Global Glow Guarantee! But when a cold really gets you down and you cant seem to shake it, take this down time to become more in tune with your body. This is an incredible opportunity for YOU to figure out what makes your body feel best! You are your body’s best natural remedy!

Take care, xo Julie

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