Client testimonials

From personalized health coaching consultations with Julie K. to offering top of the line health & wellness products, Global Glow has become a revered platform clients turn to for expert content and guidance. 

Here’s why:

Julie is a wonderful coach! She gave me an easy-to-follow health plan of eating and exercise that I’ve incorporated in my daily life. I love taking the Super Elixir every morning with Collagen as a nice energy boost. Many have noticed the positive impact the collagen has had on my hair and skin!

Patricia / Professor at McGill University

Julie has so much knowledge. I really enjoy learning from her as she makes it easy to get healthy and stay healthy.

Her daily mindset is all about listening to your body and taking sustainable steps in the right direction. It’s time to prevent rather than treat… Thanks Julie!

Debra Margles / President of Michael Kors Canada

Julie is perfect at providing advice on nutrition, as well as an overall balanced lifestyle! The Vanilla Nourishing Protein has become my holy grail for a healthy digestion. All of the products I use are now an essential part of my daily wellness routine.

Jill / University Student

“Julie is dedicated, sincere, thorough and makes use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative. I am grateful to Julie for helping me pursue a healthy lifestyle!” – Nina A.

I started using the Super Elixir and am so happy with how energised it makes me feel. Julie is incredibly knowledgeable and I am fully confident with her recommendations of the products that she offers. Most of the other supplements from Global Glow are now part of my daily routine, as well as the Etymologie skin care line, which is amazing.

Pam / Marketing Consultant

After taking care of my 4 children and family over the past 2 decades, I was finally ready to make a change and start focusing on my health. Being inspired by Julie’s health journey, I decided to consult with her. Julie did a great job providing me with valuable nutritional advice and tips. She was compassionate, a great listener and helped me set realistic goals that were simple to follow. Thank you Julie for your encouragement and motivation in helping to get me on a healthier path.

Mary Del Papa

I absolutely adore Julie! She has introduced me to life-changing products and she has been so supportive, always ready to answer my questions! I take the Super Elixir religiously every morning and the Calming Tea is part of my husband’s nightly routine.

Emily Ritchie / CEO Mom of 4

Julie is a wonderful integrative nutrition Health Coach. She explained to me that the body is an entire system that works together to maintain equilibrium with its environment. She is dedicated, sincere, thorough and makes use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative. I found her balance of prevention and intervention to be thoughtful and well rounded. The treatment options she offered me were easy to understand & related to my specific circumstances. I am grateful to Julie for helping me pursue a healthy lifestyle!

Nina A. / Interior Designer

I went to see Julie because I wanted to lower inflammation in my body. I read about her history and felt she would be a good resource. Although I already ate relatively healthy, Julie reviewed my regular eating habits and was able to find some areas that I could improve in. Her nutrition and supplement suggestions left me feeling less cloudy and bloated than before.  Julie is extremely kind, genuine and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend consulting with her!

Lindsay Flegg

I lead a very healthy lifestyle, my eating habits are clean and disciplined and I work out frequently. I was curious to try the Super Elixir but I was doubtful that I would see results after using it. Wrong! A couple of weeks in I noticed a huge improvement in my energy level – I’m already hooked! I love how it makes me feel energy wise but also how it reduces bloat and inflammation by helping digestion. Julie is extremely knowledgeable and will help you find the right fix for you!

Stephanie Watson Lighter / Moishes Innovation & Development Coordinator

Julie is really inspiring and always provides great advice and suggestions to feel good body and soul. She is dedicated, concerned for others and motivates me to adopt a new healthy lifestyle. I use on a daily basis Super Elixir and Tru Marine Collagen and it helps me with my skin and my health in general. I feel more energetic since I began using these products. Thanks Julie!


Josée Deland / Lawyer